Europe through Windows, 2019

Triptych of silk-screen prints

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Liad Arussy
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Europe through Windows

Triptych of silk-screen prints

As a tourist roaming the streets of European cities like Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon, every building is seemingly a work of art. Each has their own character and story. And one of the most unique characteristics are their windows. It's almost as though no window matches another. Through these prints, I created my own European building, combining windows I've photographed throughout my travels. Each window was hand-drawn and transferred to a silk-screen to be printed.

* This creation includes 3 pieces

Liad Arussy



Graduation Year



United States


Raised in the US, I moved to Israel at 18 years old. From a young age, I've placed human kindness and volunteerism as my focus. With everything I do, I seek how I can help others, and that only continues throughout my design work.

As a textile design student based in Tel Aviv, I take inspiration from the diverse people I meet, placing a focus on the changes faced by people with disabilities. From putting a smile on someone's face by unique color choice to developing a new type of fabric to add comfort, I believe that design should serve a purpose and contribute to the bettering of peoples' lives.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

40 X 28 X .2 cm

15.75 X 11.02 X 0.08 Inch


0.5 kg

1.1 Lbs


Synthetic textiles, Cotton textiles, Dyes.

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