Dream Portrait II, 2023

The Dead Voodoo Daughter

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Lila Singer
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Dream Portrait II

The Dead Voodoo Daughter

Dream Portrait II was from a self portrait I painted in a dream. During the process, my father was micromanaging me, correcting the places I was making progress in, and erasing some features. As I finished the face, he approved of how she looked, and he let go. Even with the anger, it still felt nice for him to approve of my creation. But because he didn't trust me and my process, the corrections he made onto the self portrait, hurt me. Reminiscent of a voodoo doll, I was hurt vicariously when corrected me. The body is a scribbled mess, their hair is unkept, arms in a staircase form on the bottom, and heads floating in space. The main head is crowned with blue jewels but has the same disgruntled attitude as the other heads. It's everything I want to be and more. Detached from the judgment of man and free to have as many heads as I want.

Lila Singer


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Hello! I am currently a full time student at UMass Amherst studying Kinesiology (exercise science). I am a fun loving, hard working, and friendly artist. In my free time I do my artwork but also listen to music (I love PJ Harvey but enjoy everything), cook, hike, take care of my pet rabbit Amelia, go out dancing at live music venues, and hang out with friends. Some of my favorite artists include Paula Rego, Lucien Freud, and Gustav Klimt. My work experience with art is mostly in school, so I've had the opportunity to try all types of mediums. My favorites are acrylic paint, charcoal, markers, and oil pastels.
I'm motivated to create for the sake of self expression and connection to the self. I have such a strong need to put complex human experience into form. Manifesting my dreams or emotions into a tangible sensation. With those dreams, I want to study and explore different worlds beyond this one. Usually my dreams are a large part of my inspiration, connecting my everyday experience to otherworldly figures. My past experiences with art have been incredibly rewarding and Im excited to learn about the art community.

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8.5 X 8.5 in

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Digital Media print on paper

Experimenting with multiples and patterns was new for me. I learned more about what I want from my dreams. It was challenging to get the face correct so I made two versions.
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