Domestic Movement IX, 2022

The irony of having two males in a domestic space with interchanging domestic objects.

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Beckett Guimaraes-Tolley
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Domestic Movement IX

The irony of having two males in a domestic space with interchanging domestic objects.

My aim for the work is to capture the irony of having two males in a domestic space with interchanging domestic objects. My original idea was to use much more movement in the piece however when taking the images, I realized that keeping it simple would be more effective.

My inspirations for this project are Bruce Mclean’s ‘Pose Work for Plinths 3’, because of the movement aspect and the shapes made. The simplicity of the work leaves room for interpretation by the viewer. Silvia Rosi’s work ‘Neither could exist alone’ because of her layout and format, the use of the same shot, the same setting and only her movement in the images. In contrast, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen’s ‘Jean Barron with Parents’ use of a domestic space to capture a living environment at a specific time, is also influential with its patterned wallpaper and carpet.

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Beckett Guimaraes-Tolley



Graduation Year



United Kingdom


Beckett is a young and upcoming London based artist, specialising in photography. She is currently studying on a BA(Hons) Photography Fine Art Degree at UAL in London. She is a multidisciplinary artist who captures stories and ideas with her unique interpretation of identity and movement through portraiture and documentary photography, which she incorporates into her installations. Through her work Beckett questions why individuals perceive situations differently but more specifically, how they react, interpret and live in their world around them in a hope the viewer can do the same.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

35 X 35 X 6 cm

13.78 X 13.78 X 2.36 Inch


1.2 kg

2.65 Lbs


Photograph paper, black box frame

The explored many practical processes including using digital cameras and analogue cameras, I also experimented with different types of film used to take my analogue images; kodak 400, portra 800 and expired Ilford black and white film. I also used different lighting set ups for my images using 3 warm white spotlights to light up my frame. Using these processes helped me develop my work, having so many options of processes allowed me to physically see how each one was different and helped me give reason to why I chose digital images for the framed pieces. Skills I will take forward into my work will be planning my projects just like I did for this one and having choices I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t able to experiment which different formats.
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