Cracked pavement , 2023

Grey-wash denim with embroidered weeds in pavement crack

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Sara Nune
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Cracked pavement

Grey-wash denim with embroidered weeds in pavement crack

I came up with this while on a run looking at how my street is overgrown with weeds. I love the way they catch the light in the later part of the day & I wanted to create something inspired by these little microcosms. I love the stark contrast between the bright green springing up between cracked pavement.

Sara Nune


Art – Sculpture

Graduation Year



United States


I am honored to call art my home. I connect deeply with the ever-flowing network of creativity in the world. Dancing with this rhythm has always felt like the most natural, honest thing in my life. I’m driven by the human desire to tinker with & contribute to reality.
Art is how I connect to my own humanity. I’ve been anchored back to earth by my creative process & then sent careening over everything I thought would always tower above me.
I’m thankful for the insight my projects have provided as I move through the phases of life.
My work functions as an outlet for the exploration of my own humanity. I take things deeply to heart, and to untangle these emotions, I often must have a complicated discussion with myself. The most effective method I’ve discovered for expressing difficult concepts is through experimental sculpture. When I create an image reflecting something my mind is warring with, I can see the layers of complexity & find beauty in the inexplicable divine patterns. I love to explore repetitions through nature & consider the impact of human consciousness upon the natural history of the world.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

25 X 30 in

63.5 X 76.2 Cm


0.5 lb

0.23 Kg


Salvaged denim, embroidery floss

I envisioned this piece in my mind while I was running & I immediately ran home to go make it. I had previously found the jeans on one of the corners where my neighbor leaves out clothes to give away & they were just the right color of faded pavement. I love how this piece came to me. I am going to continue adding cracks to it & embroidering tinier weeds along the seams until it is purchased.
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