City of Lights , 2023

An illustration celebrating romance and beauty of the city

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Irene Chung
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City of Lights

An illustration celebrating romance and beauty of the city

This mesmerizing artwork serves as the captivating ending page of my debut picture book, 'Here and There,' which was published in May 2023 at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design. Centered around the profound longing experienced in a romantic relationship, 'Here and There' fills a void in children's literature by authentically portraying the reality of affectionate connections.

As an avid reader, I recognized the absence of narratives in picture books that explore the depths of romantic relationships. Drawing inspiration from my personal journey, I crafted a tale that delves into the emotions associated with longing and separation, utilizing a series of evocative empty spaces to symbolize the profound emptiness within my heart when apart from my beloved.

This heartfelt creation has garnered resounding acclaim from both esteemed faculty members and industry experts, resonating deeply with its readers. Through this enchanting illustration, I aim to forge a connection with the audience, inviting them to envision themselves united with their significant other, cherishing the breathtaking view from a shared bench, and experiencing the joy of togetherness.

*This illustration will only be printed with limited 5 editions and signed by the artist
*This illustration will be framed

Irene Chung


Art – Illustration

Graduation Year



United States


Irene Chung is an Illustrator based between Taipei and Providence. Coming from a background of health science and journalism, Irene couldn’t deny her passion for art and therefore decided to hone her artistic skills at RISD. She is drawn to illustrating scenes that celebrate the love and joy. In her free time, she is watching romantic movies, reading at a coffee shop, or traveling to find inspiration.

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Illustration on Fine Art Paper

Making a book was more challenging than I thought, but I enjoyed the entire creative process -- from ideation, storyboarding, thumbnail sketches, writing, and drawing, to printing, I have gained so many valuable skills as a practicing illustrator. I have overcome my fear of using InDesign and book-binding, and I have learned to promote my book to publishers and local bookstores. I hope that this illustration could be a warm addition to your home and accompany you through any down moments during separation.
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