Bubbles, 2022

What if they are bubbles but can’t fly

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Ying Chen
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What if they are bubbles but can’t fly

I always have these strange feelings in my mind, they are unreal, ineffable, sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes light and beautiful, they are untouchable and fleeting like bubbles. Bubbles are always full of air, we always think they are floating. When I was doing the experiments on materials combing glass and ceramic, I found some bubbles that are also full of air but cannot float. Why do bubbles have to float lightly? This work made up of one big and four small porcelain balls.

Ying Chen


Art - Ceramics

Graduation Year



United Kingdom


Ying was born and raised in a purple clay family. She showed a strong interest in ceramics in high school. After graduating from Nanjing University of the Arts in 2021, she began her postgraduate study at the Royal College of Arts in the same year, and won several national awards during her study. Now, she is committed to combining ancient Chinese ceramic making techniques with advanced Western thinking to express her thoughts on human emotions, traditional culture and body language.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

8 X 8 X 8 cm

3.15 X 3.15 X 3.15 Inch


2 kg

4.41 Lbs


Porcelain, glass

For me, it’s an innovation of the way it’s made. It’s not uncommon to combine glass and ceramic, but what I did this time was to combine them completely as raw materials, to make their finished product more complete.
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