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Despite Collection 2023

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Michelle Dugan
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Despite Collection 2023

This piece welcomes each viewer's interpretation as I invited you to open your mind to different emotions.

To me, it shows identity in chaos. Order in chaos. One blanket statement made, with a million sub-stories taking place. A color field is created at the top hierarchy of the pieces description - but there is so much more going on beneath that. What exactly is going on? Those gaps can be filled in with subjective interpretation. What is objectively going on? A war scene, a battle, a color field unifying all of the players. But what does this mean? What does it stand for? Identify is created in the answers to those questions.

* This creation has an inner frame

Michelle Dugan


Art & Design

Graduation Year



United States


Michelle is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. She received her BFA from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, and is currently pursuing her masters at SCAD. She dabbles in digital design, photography, mixed media as well as traditional studio practices in oil painting and mixed media painting.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

12 X 16 X 3 in

30.48 X 40.64 X 7.62 Cm


1 lb

0.45 Kg


Canvas, Plastic Army Men, Spray Paint

I had a lot of fun making this piece. It is part of a series of three color fields; Blue, Pink and Yellow. I sat with this idea for a long time - thinking about how to repurpose old army men figure toys. When I started moving them and playing around with them, I realized they are extremely loud in terms of subject manner. When painted over in one color, it really pares down their politics and opens room up for more ideas and ways of thinking.
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