Azure Coral Sponge, 2022

Featuring a shimmering coral, this screenprint represents the memory of diving and the joy of exploring the ocean.

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Teagan Ferraby
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Azure Coral Sponge

Featuring a shimmering coral, this screenprint represents the memory of diving and the joy of exploring the ocean.

Inspired by a photo I took while diving off the coast of Roatan Honduras. It is created to show my love of the ocean and my favorite coral, Azure Coral Sponge. This coral gives off a luminescence, shimmering in the water in a rainbow of colors. It often stands out against dark and muted backgrounds.

I lowered the amount of yellow in the CMYK process to further emulated how the underwater world is seen while diving, due to the human eye being unable to see the color red as you descend deeper.

Teagan Ferraby

Graduation Year



United States


I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker, and Painter. I create artwork ranging from children's book covers to sea-life paintings. My personal work explores the beauty of nature, especially that which is found underwater, while professionally I focus on creating designs that are eco-conscious. I just recently graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art with my BFA in Graphic Design and emphasises in Printmaking and Ceramics. My passions include scuba diving, nature, reading, and LOTS of tea and coffee.

I grew up with a love for art starting with painting and moving on to Graphic Design in my high school and college years. I have explored many mediums including glass, litho, stone litho, screenprinting, ceramics, oil, watercolor, and acrylic. I am always looking for new techniques and finding new ways to express myself. I combine all of my experiences into my artwork, and oftentimes my passions such as reading and scuba diving often find themselves as themes throughout my art.

With years of reading books in any genre from horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, I've developed a love of reading and writing (with a record of reading over 1000 books in a year). In my downtime, I can be found diving deep; either deep underwater scuba diving, or deep into crafting pasta, curry, and other dishes from scratch.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

11 X 10 cm

4.33 X 3.94 Inch


0.1 kg

0.22 Lbs


Stonehenge Paper, CMYK Screenprinting Ink, Pencil

The CMYK printing process is always something that I have enjoyed. While registration is always a struggle, the reward is definitely worth it when you are left with the final result.
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