Arabian Nights- The Spice Market Ring, 2020

The beautiful spice market on your finger

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Liat Levanon
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Arabian Nights- The Spice Market Ring

The beautiful spice market on your finger

I loved the idea of "Arabian Nights"
it took my imagination to the markets.
I learned about the different markets and the history of the markets.
The market was and still is a place where people meet and gather.
So everything comes together: the color, the people, the design.
In the end, I came with the Bracelet and the ring.
I chose Silver 925 because I could change the color of the metal to black, and the contrast of the gold with the black silver and the gemstone is spectacular.
It came out just the way I imagined the results.

Liat Levanon



Graduation Year





My name is Liat, and I am the entrepreneur and designer of the Liati-Design jewelry.
Each piece of jewelry has a story, a history; they are passed on from generation to generation and tell us about memorable moments.
When I was a girl, my grandmother, Rebecca Goldman R.I.P, used to show me her jewelry box. When doing that, she also told me about the jewelry history. The stories were fascinating. So many feelings were behind a pendant or a ring.

Sometimes she let me create a new piece of jewelry from an old one. As a girl, I would spend long days planning to re-design a jewel and keep its uniqueness while giving it a new life.
Jewelry connects me to exciting moments, moments of love, celebration, renewal, and uniqueness.
The magical moments, achievements, and landmarks we decide to mark by buying a piece of jewelry symbolize that point.

I came to Goldsmiths after years of successful careers in human resources in high-tech companies.
I believe that we can combine our passions, and I believe in working hard to touch your dreams.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

3.52 X 16.2 X 16.6 cm

1.39 X 6.38 X 6.54 Inch


0.14 kg

0.31 Lbs


Silver, Gold plated brass, Ruby & emerald gemstones

It was a combination of handcraft and 3D technology
It was the first time that I used 3D technology- and ....I fell in love:-)
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