Living in Harmony, 2022

How animals perceive the world

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Irene Chung
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Living in Harmony

How animals perceive the world

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that animals could cohabit in the humans world and live harmoniously, and this is where the idea came from. I selected a limited yet fictional color palette to depict the situation that hasn’t been archived. Digital programs allow me the explore the futuristic effect I hoped to create in this illustration, and I’m hoping to create a series of works based on the concept of animal and human cohabitation.

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Irene Chung


Art – Illustration

Graduation Year



United States


Irene Chung is an Illustrator based between Taipei and Providence. Coming from a background of health science and journalism, Irene couldn’t deny her passion for art and therefore decided to hone her artistic skills at RISD. She is drawn to illustrating scenes that celebrate the love and joy. In her free time, she is watching romantic movies, reading at a coffee shop, or traveling to find inspiration.

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Digital illustration on High Quality paper

The idea came from an article I read called “How Animals Perceive the World,” which is about how humans intervention changed animals senses and their living habitats. I first created 12 sketches and discuss with my professor, and decided to take a maximalist approach to depict my imaginary ideal world with animals. I think the most difficult part is to design what these animals should be doing and wearing in this illustration, but after watching lots of other artists work and color palettes, I felt excited to experiment with colors, removing line work, and design and fictional world that I did not usually do in the past.
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