Alluring Agony Tshirt - Limited Edition, 2023

Unisex Wearable Art

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Jahnavi Gurrapu
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Alluring Agony Tshirt - Limited Edition

Unisex Wearable Art

Introducing the Otentu Collection Tshirts, where art meets fashion in the most exquisite way! Our limited edition T-shirts feature mesmerizing designs of emerging creators. With every shirt, you uncover a new story, a new creation, and a new connection to the world of art. Adorn yourself with stunning artwork. Shop now and become a part of something truly extraordinary.

• 100% certified organic ring-spun cotton
• Double-needle cover stitched seams
• Eco-friendly: No harmful chemicals and print-on-demand
• A versatile and unisex piece

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About the creation "Alluring Agony":

Deeply moving and personal, this creation portrays the artist's journey of trauma, healing, and self-discovery. It shows the artist rising from pain, tears of blood streaming down their face, with mandalas representing their healing process. A testament to resilience and a powerful depiction of the complexities of human experience, this creation serves as a reminder that healing is a courageous and deeply personal journey that requires time, patience, and inner strength.

Jahnavi Gurrapu


Fine Arts

Graduation Year





Jahnavi Gurrapu, a dynamic 25-year-old visual artist from India, seamlessly blends her technical expertise in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with her passion for art. Her creations eloquently capture the range of human emotions found in everyday life and delve into the intricacies of psychological study. Drawing from her personal experiences, she skillfully explores the impact of different cultures on individuals, revealing diverse perspectives on common daily life issues. Jahnavi has represented India on international platforms, received prestigious awards, and showcased her talent in London. Additionally, she is a trained Kuchipudi dancer and Indian classical vocalist, captivating audiences with her performances.



100% certified organic ring-spun cotton

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