37. USC Clocktower, 2023

The iconic clocktower at the USC Campus

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Ritvik Agarwal
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37. USC Clocktower

The iconic clocktower at the USC Campus

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the beauty of the clock tower at the usc campus? I’m proud to present my newest sketch of this iconic piece of architecture!
Come take a closer look at our #uscclocktower sketch today and get inspired. With hope to remind all alumni, faculty and students why they love USC so much!

* This creation is framed

Ritvik Agarwal


Art - Drawing

Graduation Year



United States


I'm extremely passionate about urban cities and their architecture. Within my sketches, I try to understand the context by placing myself right in the space. I love analyzing complexities and what comes out in my illustrations is a representation of my take on how the space functions. I’m always transforming my artwork. As I learn from experiences, it reflects upon my art style, and It is subject to constant innovation.

Starting with simple line sketches, I learnt how rendering adds depth. As I grew more confident with this, I started experimenting with new styles- taking away strokes from one, throwing excess lines in another, cleaning out sketches with straight organized rendering techniques, trying different varieties of strokes, inducing my knowledge of architecture by giving life to materials, producing high quality Black and white architecture sketches.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 13 X 1 in

25.4 X 33.02 X 2.54 Cm


1 lb

0.45 Kg


Micron 0.05 liner, Handcrafted 220 GSM Moleskin sketchbook paper

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