21 GRAMS II, 2021


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Jeanne Francois
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This specific piece is part of the 21 grams collection but quite an outsider. It wasn't made in the same technique and is significantly smaller. This piece was made from a block of clay pinched repeatedly until it took this shape.


21 grams is a collection of vases made in reaction to a traditional Nigerian waterpot, made by Adawara people in the late 1920s and part of the V&A Ceramic collection.
The starting point of the project was the act of digging. I pursued the idea of getting to the core of the original pot, unveiling the essence of the clay it was made of, by reproducing the action of digging directly on the pot.
This project questions the limit in which a piece becomes other that itself, when the line between what’s left of it and what’s gone gets blurred. The missing bits gradually take on the pot itself, and get a new presence by the prominence of their absence.

This collection of vases has been awarded the Charlotte Frazer Prize in 2021.

Jeanne Francois


Art - Ceramics

Graduation Year



United Kingdom


Jeanne François met ceramics early on, having both parents interested in geology, sculpture and raku firings. After studying litterature in college, she obtained a BA degree in object design and ceramics in Paris. She then started a 2-year MA in Ceramics&Glass at the Royal College of Art, London, in 2021.

In a site-based approach, she works with wild found materials, from minerals, sands, clays etc., than she uses to feed her conceptual and sculptural work.
She plays with the ideas of origin, home, identity, and grounding through our link to the landscape, and our soils.

In 2020, she collaborated with the chilean collective Barro Pequeno to create a collection of local-clay vases destined to the children of Santiago.
Since 2021, she’s been working with industrial groups and designers collectives, to reuse excavated soils in her ceramics, from Paris to London.
This year, she spent the summer in the art residency Sachaqa centro de Arte, in the peruvian amazon. Immersed in the Kechwa culture, she kept on digging through landscapes while beginning a journey of experimentation with fire.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

20 X 25 X 10 cm

7.87 X 9.84 X 3.94 Inch


8 kg

17.64 Lbs


Stoneware, glaze

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