17. Tombs of Humayun, 2017

17. Vintage Mughal Architecture, A Bespoke Hand-drawn Architectural Sketch

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Ritvik Agarwal
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17. Tombs of Humayun

17. Vintage Mughal Architecture, A Bespoke Hand-drawn Architectural Sketch

This is a sketch of the inner vaults of the Humayun's Tomb. This tomb, built in 1570, is of particular cultural significance as it was the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent. It inspired several major architectural innovations, culminating in the construction of the Taj Mahal.
The meticulous detail of the jaaliwork in the monument inspired me to create this artwork.

* This creation is framed

Ritvik Agarwal


Art - Drawing

Graduation Year



United States


I'm extremely passionate about urban cities and their architecture. Within my sketches, I try to understand the context by placing myself right in the space. I love analyzing complexities and what comes out in my illustrations is a representation of my take on how the space functions. I’m always transforming my artwork. As I learn from experiences, it reflects upon my art style, and It is subject to constant innovation.

Starting with simple line sketches, I learnt how rendering adds depth. As I grew more confident with this, I started experimenting with new styles- taking away strokes from one, throwing excess lines in another, cleaning out sketches with straight organized rendering techniques, trying different varieties of strokes, inducing my knowledge of architecture by giving life to materials, producing high quality Black and white architecture sketches.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 13 X 1 in

25.4 X 33.02 X 2.54 Cm


1 lb

0.45 Kg


Micron 0.05 liner, 220 GSM Handcrafted moleskin paper

The method of rendering used in the sketch is fine lining. This is done by individually drawing each line instead of shading or coloring with a liner. I used this method as it is a clean way of showing the depth in the sketch, without confusing the viewer.

The artwork was created in November 2017. It is hand-drawn with a micron 0.05 fine liner on a 210 gsm A5 size Noir sketchbook. The artwork is about 8" x 5.5", and 9.5" x 12.75" with the frame. It is mounted on a foam board mount and a minimalistic 0.75" white frame which brings out the beauty of the sketch whilst not taking anything away from it.

The framed artwork can be placed horizontally and can also be placed freestanding.
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